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Kara’s Musical Happenings – March 2016


Welcome to the March 2016 edition of Kara’s Musical Happenings. For much of this month I have been just plugging away at music school. I’m pleased to announce that I will be graduating at the end of April. I will be getting my music diploma in general music studies from Pacific Life Bible College. It has been has taken me about 4 years so far to get to the end of this program. I am proud of my self for sticking with it even though it was hard at times. So let me tell you what else has been happening in my music world this month;


Show At Cafe Deux Soleil

This month I got to play at show at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. This is one of my absolute favourite cafes in the city. Situated on the artsiest street in Vancouver it has been a hang out for me over the past several years. I shared the night with Stephanie Ratcliff another female singer songwriter. Steph came with her full band. Some of the band members joined me on my set. It made for some fun spontaneous musical moments. There was a great turn out at the show and a great vibe all round. My friend Paul Chobaniuk shot some video footage of the night which I hope to post soon. Here are some photos of the night for you to enjoy.



Myself performing with Ryan on the Drum Box.

Cafe Deux Soleil

Joel comes to join us on stage to play the mandolin for a few songs. Love the spontaneity of playing with these guys.

Stephanie with her band.

Stephanie taking the stage with her full band.

Guitar Lessons

As I mentioned before in previous updates I decided to start teaching guitar lessons. I started in December 2016 and I now have 3 students. I have discovered that I love teaching. Each of my 3 students is unique and a complete joy to teach. I love seeing their hunger to learn and grow at playing the guitar. Its a pleasure to pass on a skill that you have and train someone else to do it. I would like to take on a few more guitar students starting in May. Head on over to my lessons page for more details. If you have always wanted to learn the guitar then I’d be happy to take you as a student and teach you all the essentials. Below are some shots of me and one of my students Rob who is progressing nicely.


guitar lesson

Rob and I at our weekly guitar lesson.

Rob's guitar Lesson

Rob demonstrating that he can play at 12 bar blues in E.


Album Update

My album free child is coming along slowly but surely. I am planning to go back into the studio with Roy and record vocals on one of my songs. My biggest obstacle right now recording the album is finances. I am hoping this can change once school is done and I have the opportunity to work full time. I still aim to have the album completed sometime in the year 2017. All I know is once I set my mind on something it does eventually come to completion.

That’s it for my March 2016 edition of “Kara’s Musical Happenings.” Please feel free to leave any comments below or contact me. I love hearing from people. May you all have a great start to spring!

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