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Kara’s Musical Happenings – February 2016 – New Album, Guitar Lessons and Upcoming Shows



Welcome to the this edition of ‘Kara’s Musical Happenings’ where I update you fine lovely people on what’s going on with me and my music. First off thanks to all who have followed along with me and this journey. I am so happy to be making music and sharing it with all of you. I now have a new site! The other one wasn’t quite working for me. So this is the official site for my music, updates, info, fun stuff etc!


New Album in the Works

I am happy to say that my second album titled “Creative Heart” is in the works. This past Wednesday I spent the day at White Water Studios with Roy Salmond. Roy helped me lay the foundation for my song “Quiet Yearnings,” which is a song about the longing many of us feel to travel the world.

I plan to complete this album over the summer and release it in Fall 2016. If not the fall then early 2017. Roy brings a wealth of talent and musical knowledge and his career that has spanned 30+ years. I am excited to be working on it with him and to record the remaining songs this spring and summer. To find out more about Roy click here.

In the Studio

A Photo Collage of My Day at White Water Studios

Teaching beginner Guitar Lessons

Yes I am happy to say that I am now teaching beginner guitar lessons. Sometimes we learn a lot from teaching others. I feel I am in a place to share what I know with others. I love sharing the joy that music brings. I have a soft spot for adults beginning an instrument for the first time in their life. I started guitar at 18 years old and believe there’s no better time than the where you presently are to start. Click here to find out more about my lessons or click here to contact me for more info.


Performing at McNally’s Pub in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Upcoming Shows

I will leave you guys with some info on shows that are coming up. On March 18, 2016 I will be playing a show with Stephanie Ratcliff at Cafe deux Soleil in Vancouver. I am excited as Stephanie is a beautiful soul with peaceful and uplifting acoustic music. Cafe deux Soleil has been one of my favourite places to both perform and watch live music.

On May 13, 2016 I will be performing a set and showcasing my artwork at Art World Expo which will take place at Science World in Vancouver. This is part of a yearly art exposition and tickets are on sale for $25 until the end of of February. To find out more info on these upcoming shows please visit my shows page. I hope you can make it out to one or both these shows.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of ‘Kara’s Musical Happenings.’ More to come!!

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